Statement from the Swedish organization KLYS on the situation in Ukraine

Through our fourteen member organizations KLYS represents about 30.000 professional artists and creators in Sweden, in disciplines like music, film, theatre, visual and plastic arts, literature and journalism. KLYS strongly condemns the unprovoked, illegal and horrible violation being used against the Ukrainian people. The Russian actions infringing international laws are attacks on human dignity, democracy and freedom of opinion and freedom of expression. It is a historic tragedy and we empathise with our colleagues and the Ukrainian people, who are suffering from this ongoing madness.

The violence and destruction of cultural places and cultural institutions is abhorrent and is against international conventions. It runs the risk of destruction of cultural values forever.

We will do our best to support and to help Ukrainian creators through the emergency situation and to help them maintain possibilities to act and to express themselves freely in the long run.

The violence and the infringement against international laws and conventions must come to an absolute end and the Ukrainian people must be given back their territorial integrity, sovereignty and ultimate freedom. Peace is the only way forward!

Ukrainian creators and artists, we stand with you!

In solidarity,


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